Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wedding in my First Area.

Weekly snippets from Elder Meyer's email (August 28th, 2012):

Hey Everyone, 

Ahh I just love hearing from you guys each week, I always get excited and happy when we go emailing, Just to let you know this week has been different, as it's 'moves' week, and I am emailing on tuesday instead of monday. Moves week is when P-DAY is changed so that missionaries can move to another area, but P-day is normal every other week. Me and elder edmiston are staying with each other as he is training me, and we stay together for 12 weeks, after that I will get a new companion.

This past week, um its sort of been slow a bit, but we actually had ex-changes again, last tuesday, and I went to Portadown again, and I was with Elder Coombs. he is a really nice missionary, he is from south carolina, and he loves his hunting, which was cool. we went to a members home and had dinner, and also saw another person and taught him the plan of salvation which was good. I said a couple things, I did my best I said what I could say. We also taught our investigator, his name is Glen Spense, it would be good if you pray for him. We taught him the gospel of jesus christ, which went well, I said a little, it was alright.

It was fun, yesterday me and my companion played around the flat and had some fun, we were shooting rubber bands at each other and playing with the ball you had sent in the package. 

I have been still missing home, and still am shy and nervous around members and investigators and other missionaries, but I might overcome it overtime. it is still the start of my mission still so yeah.  I am trying to work on being brave and have courage to stand strong as I want to finish my mission I don't want to go home and not accomplish it, I know I can accomplish it and finish my mission it's just hard at the start being away from home and being homesick alot, but I will work on it and become better. I still love the area and love teaching the people and the ward members are really nice and I love them also.

Ah just before I came to email today I experienced a wedding, it was a recent convert's wedding and he was marrying a girl in the ward. they looked really happy together. the ceremony was at the chapel. It is really cool because I now I have experienced a wedding in my first area. 

David and Everlyn's Wedding

I love you guys so much and miss you heaps, I am still hanging in there and I know that everything will be fine and I will be able to improve and become better. I love you guys again, and wish you all the best in this next week. Love you Bye 

Elder Meyer

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