Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Going on 8 Months in Lisburn.

Transfer #5.

"I am still here in my first area and by the end on this transfer it will be like 8 months, like dad. He said he served 8 months in his first area so it will be the same haha. Elder O'Rourke has moved to the Limerick Zone once more, where he served the first 10 and 1/2 months of his mission. I am excited to serve with my new companion and see what he is like and get to know him more. But it is quite sad that Elder O'Rourke left but I will see him again, we got on really well... I liked him. Oh well we have to move on and get other companions.. it will be another friend I can keep in touch with and be friends with forever.

So my new companion is Elder White, who seems to be a really good, obedient missionary. I am excited to get to know him more and add him to my friends list haha, someone to go visit after my mission. He has been on his mission 5 months so less than me. He is from Riverton, Utah just next to Herriman where the Cranes live. He likes the outdoors like horse riding, boating, fishing. I am excited to get to know him more. I will send a photo of us to show you what he looks like."

All in all, I am happy I am still in Lisburn. This transfer will be a bit longer, it will be 8 weeks so I will be with Elder White for about 2 months. This is because in the next transfer all the new, younger missionaries come. The ones who have decided to come early since the age change for missions. So that should be good! I think we have 12 sisters coming into our mission and there are a lot going home as well I think. So I wonder what is going to happen next transfer with me. But I will have to wait and see where the lord wants me."

Best Christmas Present Ever.

So, Christmas Day for Elder Meyer. He didn't have too much to say but this is what we heard.

"It has been a good Christmas here in Ireland. We went to 3 member families throughout the day. They were the Currans, the Jacksons and the Quirkes. It was interesting, we got to talk to the Jackon's son who is also on a mission. But the best christmas present would definitely have been talking to you all on Skype. That was fun!"

So at around 9pm (Australian time) on Christmas Day, which was 10am in Lisburn, we set up the Skype on the big screen at our end while Elder Meyer used the technology available to him in the members home he was at for the morning. The connection was a little delayed and shaky, so we decided to keep the video of Skype but mute the sound and use the phone for better sound. But with these little difficulties, it was so amazing to have such incredible technology to do this. It was like he was sitting with us in the living room.

To be honest, coming away from the call, we didn't really know anything more about Elder Meyer and his experiences in the mission field, but it was just reassuring to see him happy and having fun (as you can see in the photos). We can tell he is loving his time overseas just being himself with those new faces he gets to meet and spend his time with.