Monday, 6 August 2012

I love P-days.

Here are some snippets from Elder Meyer's email received yesterday (August 6th 2012):

Hey everyone.

Ahh how I love P-Days, I look forward to P-Days! getting to hear about how the family is going, and me emailing you guys, I just love it. This week was a good week, it was better than last week I thought, we found new investigators. So there is this family named the Hinds and they have 7 children. we are teaching some of them together and others separately. we went in teaching the plan of salvation to Suzanne, Darren and Caleb, but it was crazy. my companion talked about Joseph Smith and the book of Mormon, and Darren had some really deep doctrine questions that I couldn't answer but my companion tried his best to answer them. so yeah I thought the lesson went well, I said some things but not a lot but it was alright. And darren said he would like to come to church as well so he seems pretty keen. me and my companion were so happy after that.

Ah last monday for P-Day me and my companion met up with another 2 elders, a companionship and we went to Belfast. Belfast is really nice, I didn't get to take photos but I will get to go again and take some photos.

I will take your advice and have courage and be brave. I know the Lord is always with me I am never alone, and Heavenly father can help me, and I am grateful for that.

As I have been on my mission I have been eating more, and eating and drinking things I never eat or drink before my mission, I think a mission is changing me haha, the food is nice it is sort of the same. there are lots of quick and easy meals, there are soups, chicken strips which I have made for myself and yeah it has been good. I love the food here! I shopped for only me last week and it seemed like I got to much. I think I need to budget more. anyways it's going good I am being fed and some members have been feeding us as well, it's all good.

Thanks so much everyone for your emails, I love you all and miss you. I also pray for you guys as well, and love doing it. I am going to be brave and have courage this week, and be happy, thanks for the advice. Anyways I better go now and enjoy my p-day, 2 missionaries in our district are coming up to Lisburn and we are going to hang out with them so that should be fun. I miss you guys and hope for all the best and goodluck with your lives. my mission with go by fast and I will be home in no-time haha. Take care, LOVE YOU ALL.

Elder Meyer

Elder Meyer and Elder Edmiston on their Preparation Day.

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