Monday, 21 April 2014

My Last Moves with Elder Crittenden.

Here is a snippet from Elder Meyer's email on April 14th 2014:

I bet you are all wondering where I will be for my last transfer! I am staying in Galway for my last moves! I will be finishing my mission here. I am so excited. Unfortunately, Elder Wightman is leaving and going to Dublin in an area they call Bray and he is going to be the District Leader there. So I will be getting a new companion, the one who is going to 'kill me off'! His name is Elder Crittenden and he is coming from Scotland. I don't know much about him yet, but other missionaries say that he is great. 

Here is a snippet from Elder Meyer's email on April 21st 2014:

So my week....It has been a week of travel, settling in and preparing for the transfer but we did however get to see our investigators and my new companion Elder Crittenden was able to meet them and get to know them. On wednesday last week Elder Wightman and I travelled to Dublin and I was there for a couple of hours. I met Elder Crittenden there and we took a train to Limerick where we stayed the night at the zone leaders flat and then on Thursday we took a bus to Galway. But Elder Crittenden is from Hoytsville, Utah. He is nice. He is very good with people. He is very loving. I love him, he is great. I am excited to work with him for my last moves.