Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New Experiences, New Challenges.

Here are some snippets from Elder Meyer's email on August 13th, 2012.

Hey Everyone, 

Yes it's another P-Day, WOOHOO, Thank you so much for all your emails I love reading them each week. I have been getting your letters as well, I love getting the letters from you guys and I love the cards you send me, they are so funny. Ahh and thank you so much for what was in the packages, I got the greeny package when I arrived at the mission home, and I just got the other packages just last week on Tuesday. I loved the flags, my companion stuck one on the desk in our flat, we are unable to stick it on the wall as the blu-tac rips off the paint. My companion doesn't want to try vegemite he said it looks gross. I got some vegemite before you sent me the package with the vegemite in it. they sell vegemite here, I was so happy so I bought some.

This week was an alright week, we did a lot of door knocking, which is tiring some days, and hard as people don't want to listen. I just want to teach people. I think this week I am getting better with homesickness, I still miss you guys, but it has been good. I still worry about being shy and nervous, and I am quiet most times around members and other missionaries. 

We did teach a guy, his name was Joe Ward. We saw him twice this past week and my companion committed him to come to church but he didn't come. He said that if I don't come to church then don't even bother coming back to my house, so I think we have dropped him and won't teach him again. This past week last tuesday I did my first ex-change and I ended up leading my area and I had another missionary with me for the day. The night before, when my companion said that I was leading the area, I was so worried and scared, as I am still new and I thought that I couldn't do it, but it ended up turning out to be a good day and I was able to lead and go to the appointments we had. So yeah it was a really good day, the missionary I was with, his name was Elder Dudley and he is from England. he was a really nice missionary and he said that he only had 3 weeks to go and he was going home, I thought What!!!!, but he was able to give me some advice which was good.

Also this week me and my companion were able to find 2 potentials, and we got a return appointment we contacted them on the street, we tried by there houses and 1 was there but he re-scheduled it to tonight so we will see him tonight. And the other one we went by her place but she wasn't there but she had left a note and the book of mormon we gave her, and she said in the note, thanks for seeing me on the street, she read a little of it and she thought we might need it back but my companion wrote a note back saying you keep the book of mormon and if you have any questions call us and we left our number. so we will see what happens with her. Also yesterday at church I had my first speaking assignment. I spoke in sacrament meeting, I was nervous but it went well I talked about myself, the first article of faith and how has the mission brought me closer to Christ. and it went.. well my companion said I did a good job, so yeah it was my first talk on my mission and it was in my first area, so there you go. 

Hey my companion is going through a mid life mission crises and he misses girls (haha), and he wants a girl to write him, so could you think of any aussie girls he could write to, and he wants them to be cute as well. 

Let all the kids know I love them so much and miss them dearly, I love hearing about there week. its really good. anyway I better go enjoy my P-DAY, go have some fun with my companion. alright well take care, and I love you guys, I miss you guys so much as well, all the best with this week hope it goes well for you. take care love you. Bye 

Elder Meyer 

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