Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Celebrating Across the Globe.

Here is a photo of Elder Meyer and his companion Elder O'Rourke celebrating Sarah's graduation! 

"I am happy that Sarah is nearly done with the HSC. That is so awesome. She will feel so much better once she is done. All the best with your last exam Sarah, I know you are getting excited as it will be your very last one. That will be such a good feeling when you finish on Friday. I will be thinking of you."

Looks like this companionship is a fun one. So glad they will be together for Christmas.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Accomplishing Goals

Transfers (moves) this week... 

Elder Meyer will be staying in Lisburn, 
with his companion Elder O'Rourke. 

"Well I can tell you about moves.. I will be staying in Lisburn with Elder O'Rourke, I am happy about that as I wanted to stay. So I will be in Lisburn for Christmas which I am excited about. This moves is going to be fun, and really awesome." 

Elder Meyer is ever-growing in the Lord's work and for himself as his testimony strengthens and personal/companionship goals are accomplished. Here are a few snippets from Elder Meyer's emails over the last few weeks..

On November 5th he writes, "This past week we reached the 20 lessons! It was a blessing.. In fact, it was the first time on my mission I have taught the whole 20 lessons for the week. I am happy, I am excited for another week. We shall see great things happen!" 

On November 19th he writes, "Another week has passed by, I love it how they just go by so fast! That means my mission is going to go really fast and next month it will be 6 months I have been out on my mission! That is really crazy, I can't believe that. Well, we taught 23 lessons this past week, so that was really good. 3 Lessons above our weekly goal. Hopefully we will see more success like this in Lisburn and see some miracles happen!" 

And to finish with Elder Meyer's testimony, to leave you all warm inside:

Elder Meyer writes, "I am grateful to have come here on my mission. I am especially grateful that I have been able to be that example to others and my little brothers, Ben and Josh. I wanted to go on a mission so that they will see how a mission blesses your life. I am grateful for their choice to go on a mission at an early age, just like me, when I decided to go at an early age. All the best with everything this coming week, I love you all!"