Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Area, New Address.

Elder Meyer has been transferred to Dublin, Ireland and can be contacted by his new address;

134 Maltings
Bonham Street
Dublin 8
Ireland, United Kingdom

Teaching Jimmy

July 8th 2013:
We have been teaching a guy named Jimmy and he seems to be going really good. We have a date for him to be baptized and I think it will be on 21st July. So we still have a wee bit to teach him before he gets baptised then but he is going great!

July 15th 2013:
This week has been good. We have been seeing Jimmy and getting him ready for baptism which is going to be next sunday.  Jimmy is a wonderful young man, and I am happy that he has made the choice to be baptized and to be apart of thy church.  He did mention yesterday that he wants me to baptized him, so I am a wee bit nervous as it will be my first time baptizing someone, but it will be very exciting.

August 5th 2013:
Now unfortunantly we didn't have Jimmy's baptism, as something came up and he was unable to get baptised. But it's ok, I accept that. I know that he knows this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I am very grateful that I have been able to be apart of helping Jimmy draw closer to our Heavenly Father and learn and understand the gospel. The baptism might be next week instead but who knows if I will be able to be here with moves call coming up this week.

August 19th 2013:
I heard that Jimmy from my last area got baptized, and Elder Burt sent me a photo.  I am so excited to have been apart of the process of teaching Jimmy the gospel and I am so happy that he is now baptised. It would've been nice to have been able to witness it, but being in my new area, that's ok. I know there are many more opportunities ahead of me on my mission.

New Companion, Elder Burt.

Snippet from Elder Meyer's email on Monday 24th June 2013:

So I know you all might be wondering what happened with my moves call this week, well Elder O'Bagy is leaving and going home, and I am staying in Liff, Dundee for another transfer. I will be getting a new companion and he will be district leader. His name is Elder Burt. He has been out on his mission less than me I think. And he is coming from Northern Ireland. So I will get to know him when he gets here on Wednesday. So next Monday I will be able to tell you a wee bit about him. I am excited to meet another missionary and maybe another lifelong friend.

Snippet from Elder Meyer's email on Monday 1st July 2013:

I have been showing Elder Burt around Dundee. We have been seeing people, and teaching a few also. Elder Burt is a great missionary! He has a great personality. He is from Logan, Utah and has been out on his mission for 6 months. He came from Northern Ireland in a place called Omagh. He is great to work with and fun to be around. He can play a wee bit of guitar and piano. I think we are going to get along well, it's going to be a great transfer.

Summer in Scotland.

So while the weather is getting colder for you in Australia, it is finally getting warmer here in Scotland. It is so great. I love the warmer weather and it just makes me a whole lot happier. There have been some really nice days where we have enjoyed being outside. I love it. 

We even had the chance to enjoy it all in a convertible ride with my companion, Elder O'Bagy and some YSA in the Liff Ward. Here are a few photos.