Monday, 22 October 2012

Birthday Celebrations.

"Thanks for the birthday messages everyone. I had a great birthday, I really enjoyed it. I took my companion out to lunch to a Chinese buffet, which was so nice. Then, later, at about 7:30pm, my companion told me to put on this blindfold. So I did, and I got put into a car and taken to a members home. They had a surprise birthday party waiting for me. My companion had organised it all. It was so good, I loved it! I also got an avengers cake, it was so yummy. We also played games like 'Guess that Celebrity' which was fun." - Elder Meyer

Monday, 15 October 2012

It's Elder Meyer's Birthday!

Even though Elder Meyer is across the globe, far from home, we thought we would celebrate with family his birthday anyway. With cake, candles, party hats, birthday songs, and more, we hope Elder Meyer has a very happy and as Jared would say, "awesome" day.


We love you! :)

Sing along as we wish Elder Meyer a Happy Birthday.

A "Wee" Report on the Lisburn Elders.

Here, is a copy of an email that was sent to the Mission President from one of the senior missionary couples who work over in Ireland.

President Brown,

We thought you might appreciate a wee report on the Lisburn elders as it is all good.

I am assigned as the high councillor to the Lisburn Ward. This morning I attended their ward council meeting. It was a good meeting and the elders came in and gave a short report on their progress record. Elder O’Rourke had Elder Meyer give the report and was probably the first time he has ever given the report himself. He was scared out of his wits, but he just kept plugging away and in the end it was a good report. For him, it was an excellent exercise in being stretched past where he perhaps thought he could go.

Tonight, Sister Blickenstaff and I attended their ward’s musical fireside about the Book of Mormon. Elder O’Rourke and Elder Meyer each sang a solo! I know that Elder Meyer has never done anything remotely close to that in his life. He was brilliant. We were so proud of him. We know he was scared, but he did not show it and it did not come across in his voice. He was fabulous.

Elder O’Rourke has a beautiful voice and he sang like a champion, especially on three days notice because of the transfer.

We talked to them for a few minutes after the fireside and they were on their way home to break their fast.

We just wanted you to know those are two obedient and faithful elders and we love them.

Elder & Sister Blickenstaff

Meet the new companion, Elder O'Rourke.

"Elder O'Rourke is from the east coast of America. He was born in Virginia, and he moved around alot to places like Ohio, , Philipedia, he went to BYU provo and now his parents are now in Chicago.  They moved alot to do with his dad's work. He can sing really good. He seems to dress nicely. He has a good sense of style. He is really loving and caring for ward members, and he is a good missionary. I think I am going to like him." - Elder Meyer

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

'Moves' Day.

Short snippet from Elder Meyer's email today:

Last night we got our moves call! and I will be staying in Lisburn. I am getting a new companion. His name is Elder O' Rourke. He is another American and just finished training someone in my group from the MTC. 

I am nervous as it will all be new again. I am going to miss Elder Edmiston! He has been a good companion. He is moving back to Scotland, to a place called Paisley. 

But yeah, moves day is on Wednesday so I will meet him then. So I am still in Lisburn for another transfer! We will see what happens after 6 more weeks.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Transfers are coming!

We are still receiving emails from Elder Meyer each week. Some a little more personal than others. But I wanted to write this short post to let you all know he is going great. It is now the 11th week out on the mission field. So with transfers coming up really fast, we are eager to learn where Elder Meyer will be for the next month or so. Will he stay in his first area of Lisburn? Will he venture elsewhere in Ireland, or even Scotland? Will he get a new companion? Or will he stay with Elder Edmiston? We are all very excited but anxious at the same time. What new challenges and experiences will Elder Meyer encounter on the next phase of his mission? As you hopefully heard in his voice recording, he loves his companion, Elder Edmiston. They have become like brothers, and the best of friends. We are praying that the next transfer will be just the same. Another new best friend, in a new and exciting area! And I'm sure it will be. Watch this space for information on transfers, coming next week.