Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I'm coming home!

So this is just a quick email and letting you all know that I am excited to see you very soon. I think this is the last time I will email you as next monday I will be travelling to the mission home. I start my travels on the Sunday on a bus to Dublin. I then catch a bus in Dublin to Belfast Monday morning so I have a lot of travelling next week. I can't believe this is my last email for my mission I can't wait to see you all again and give you some hugs. I hope that I can arrive back to australia by myself, I think it will be fine, I am excited to try this on my own. Well this is it, I am home soon I can't wait I am excited, well have a great week and I will be home soon. take care I love you all. miss ya, see ya in that airport. love ya, bye.

And as they say in the mission field, Elder Crittenden will 'kill me off' at the bus station.

Monday, 21 April 2014

My Last Moves with Elder Crittenden.

Here is a snippet from Elder Meyer's email on April 14th 2014:

I bet you are all wondering where I will be for my last transfer! I am staying in Galway for my last moves! I will be finishing my mission here. I am so excited. Unfortunately, Elder Wightman is leaving and going to Dublin in an area they call Bray and he is going to be the District Leader there. So I will be getting a new companion, the one who is going to 'kill me off'! His name is Elder Crittenden and he is coming from Scotland. I don't know much about him yet, but other missionaries say that he is great. 

Here is a snippet from Elder Meyer's email on April 21st 2014:

So my week....It has been a week of travel, settling in and preparing for the transfer but we did however get to see our investigators and my new companion Elder Crittenden was able to meet them and get to know them. On wednesday last week Elder Wightman and I travelled to Dublin and I was there for a couple of hours. I met Elder Crittenden there and we took a train to Limerick where we stayed the night at the zone leaders flat and then on Thursday we took a bus to Galway. But Elder Crittenden is from Hoytsville, Utah. He is nice. He is very good with people. He is very loving. I love him, he is great. I am excited to work with him for my last moves. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

St. Patricks Day in Ireland.

Yes it's St Patricks Day today, and I am here in Galway in Ireland. It's great to be here for St Patricks Day! This morning at around 11:30am there was a parade, it was a good parade I took some videos of it. I love how you said that you had shamrock shakes for dessert, we got a shamrock shake from McDonalds it was good it was minty it was nice I liked it. It is good that you all celebrated it also I love that. I want to celebrate it every year, it would be fun. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I dont have to pack my bags!

Here is a snippet from Elder Meyer's email sent March 4th 2014:

Yes it was moves call last night and well the verdict is that me and Elder Wightman are staying together in Galway. We are going to be the only elders in galway now as 2 elders are both leaving. This area was a 4 man flat area but not anymore as it's going to be 2 of us now. And me and Elder Wightman have the whole of Galway now to ourselves... well we have the senior couple the Weber's which we can use them and their car. But our car is being taken off us too so we will be walking everywhere and taking the buses. There is going to be another senior couple coming to Ireland and they will be having our car. So yeah it was a shock that it will only be me and Elder Wightman in the area not 4 of us! But it should be a good moves, we are going to be very busy as we will be picking up the other Elders investigators so we are going to be working with a lot more people now. so it should be a very busy transfer which is then going to go by really fast as when you are busy time goes by so quickly!

Monday, 24 February 2014

I love being a part of a Family.

A snippet from Elder Meyer's email sent on February 24th 2014:

I love how we have families and that we all were put into families to learn and grow and gain experience in life. Thank you Mum and Dad for bringing me up in a lovely atmosphere and for bringing me up in this gospel, I am so grateful for this gospel, it's great to be apart of it. I love that our family can be together forever and live in heavenly father and Jesus Christ's presence. 

Ah guess what I got an email today from the mission home saying stuff about going home, like where do you want to fly to, and if your parents are going to come pick you up from the mission home, and getting special name badges and all that. I have to email them back and answer some of the questions and I think it said that I have 14 weeks left. WOW that is crazy, so I got the email about going home. Crazy!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Time to get Motivated with Service.

Snippet from Elder Meyer's Email sent February 10th 2014:

I have found myself a wee bit unmotivated but I think I realize there are things I need to be doing to help myself be motivated. The exchange in Limerick ended up being a Blitz and Elder Wightman and I both went down to Limerick for the day last Tuesday and we did some service down there. There have been some Floods down in Limerick. They have been pretty bad. It has also flooded down in Cork, down the south of Ireland and also in England. You might have seen it on the News. But we went down and helped out with the floods, one of the members in Limerick works for the city council for limerick like he is in charge of the roads and all that stuff but we helped him fill up some sand bags for people to put at there front doors and there business. There was also some of the people in the Army helping out it was quite fun doing it. And the Conference in Dublin was good also I got to see Elder Mcdonald and Elder Rollins, it was really good to see them again. And we also did some more serving during the week, it seemed like it was a service week. I love doing serve it's great!

Here are a few photos from the floods in Limerick, Ireland: