Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A P-Day of Cooking. Yum.

Here are snippets from Elder Meyers email on August 20th, 2012:

Hey Everyone, 

This week has been alright, those potentials that we tried.. they weren't there, and so we were unable to teach them. we left our phone number on a card but I don't think they will call, we will have to wait and see what happens.

I had my second ex-change this past week, I went with this missionary his name was Elder Moore, he is from utah. I didn't lead as I went to his area, which was a place called Portadown. When I was with him in his area we went to a member families home and had dinner, and we taught a couple. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I shared my testimony. 

Also this past week we had zone conference, last wednesday, it was good. I was able to see the mission president, President Brown which was good. I also had to bear my testimony as I was new but I saw 3 other missionaries from my MTC group which was good. I also said the closing prayer.

Ah hey I got the voice recorder, as I loved it so much, I loved hearing you all I miss hearing your voices, some of the kids made me laugh, and my companion said that he loves my family he thinks my family is cool, and he loved the accents as well he noticed it in dad's voice. I will try and start one and start recording myself saying a few things.

Ah and Rachel sent me the blog in the mail and what it looks like! I love it, it is really cool. I love all the photos it's awesome, hope it all goes well. I don't think I can go on to the blog website, but you can just keep sending it and seeing what it looks like. Thanks so much, I love how she is doing this, it's a great idea and everyone can see how I am going. 

Ah I forgot to mention this week as I was on ex-changes, my companion found a new investigator which is another members boyfriend, and I was able to meet him as my companion and the elder he was with was able to get another appointment in on friday and we went and taught him the plan of salvation. my companion and the elder he was with were able to teach the restoration the first lesson, so I came in and we did the second lesson and he is really keen. he wants to be baptized, he knows the book of mormon is true and that thomas s. monson is a true prophet. But that is really cool, he wants to be baptized which is awesome, I can't wait I might have a baptism in my first area which will be good. 

Anyway I should go out and enjoy my P-DAY. me and my companion are going to cook today. I am going to cook my fudgy wudgy cookies and he is going to cook cinnamon rolls. so we are going to do that as well and we will clean our flat, as we have flat inspection this thursday so yeah. 

anyways I will let you guys go, I wish I could keep writing to you guys, I miss you so much, I love you guys so much and wish I was back home with you guys. 

Elder Meyer

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