Monday, 16 September 2013

Promoted to Senior?

So I know you are all wondering what happened with moves call...

Well, I will be staying with Elder Rollins in Terenure. I am going to be the Senior Companion. (A senior companian is responsible for making the decisions prompted by the Holy Spirit regarding the companionship). I am happy about that as I love Elder Rollins. He is great to be around and He has such a great personality. I love him.

Sometimes I was a little jealous that Elder Gill, my other companion in our 'three-way' companionship, gets to go home. But then I realise that it will be my turn soon. That time will eventually come and I need to focus on my mission and not get distracted. And by doing this, I will continue to love my mission and love the people here in the Scotland and Ireland mission.

It is sometimes weird being back in a two-some again. It seemed like even though it wasn't for very long, I forgot what it was like. But it will be alright. I am with someone that I like and we get along well with each other.

So here's to another great moves with Elder Rollins.

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