Thursday, 5 September 2013

Families are Forever.

A short testimony from Elder Meyer on Families: (02/09/13)

I feel at peace when I read your emails and that I will be able to be there for you all, even though I am miles and miles away. I will always be there for my family, I love my family so so much, and if there is any help needed I will always be there for everyone. How great it is to have the gospel in our lives!I think that having the gospel in our lives has helped our family come so much closer together and that we are all unified. I am so happy that I am able to be with my family for eternity. I really love that, and that after this life there will be more and it won't just end there after we die. It will be just the beginning! I love the gospel so much. I treasure it so much, and being out on my mission makes me realise how this gospel is so important. I want to be active my whole life and continue to do my missionary work throughout my life.

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