Monday, 10 February 2014

Time to get Motivated with Service.

Snippet from Elder Meyer's Email sent February 10th 2014:

I have found myself a wee bit unmotivated but I think I realize there are things I need to be doing to help myself be motivated. The exchange in Limerick ended up being a Blitz and Elder Wightman and I both went down to Limerick for the day last Tuesday and we did some service down there. There have been some Floods down in Limerick. They have been pretty bad. It has also flooded down in Cork, down the south of Ireland and also in England. You might have seen it on the News. But we went down and helped out with the floods, one of the members in Limerick works for the city council for limerick like he is in charge of the roads and all that stuff but we helped him fill up some sand bags for people to put at there front doors and there business. There was also some of the people in the Army helping out it was quite fun doing it. And the Conference in Dublin was good also I got to see Elder Mcdonald and Elder Rollins, it was really good to see them again. And we also did some more serving during the week, it seemed like it was a service week. I love doing serve it's great!

Here are a few photos from the floods in Limerick, Ireland:

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