Monday, 24 February 2014

I love being a part of a Family.

A snippet from Elder Meyer's email sent on February 24th 2014:

I love how we have families and that we all were put into families to learn and grow and gain experience in life. Thank you Mum and Dad for bringing me up in a lovely atmosphere and for bringing me up in this gospel, I am so grateful for this gospel, it's great to be apart of it. I love that our family can be together forever and live in heavenly father and Jesus Christ's presence. 

Ah guess what I got an email today from the mission home saying stuff about going home, like where do you want to fly to, and if your parents are going to come pick you up from the mission home, and getting special name badges and all that. I have to email them back and answer some of the questions and I think it said that I have 14 weeks left. WOW that is crazy, so I got the email about going home. Crazy!

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