Tuesday, 26 February 2013



This week is transfers (moves), and Elder Meyer has been called to serve in Scotland, in a town called Dundee, just north of the capital Edinburgh.

"I know you all are wondering what happened with moves. Well, I will be moving to Scotland! I will be serving in a place called Dundee. Ahh, I have mixed feelings right now. I am excited to be going to a new area and going to Scotland but then at the same time I am definitely going to miss it here in Lisburn. I have come to love this area and love the ward members! Yesterday at church, I got a couple of photos with some of the families and everyone wished me luck. I will be leaving this Wednesday and travelling over on the ferry to Scotland. My new companions name is Elder O'Bagy. I don't know much about him, but I have heard that he has been out the same amount of time as Elder O'Rourke, so like a year and a half. I hear he is very talkative and funny. So hopefully everything works out with us. "

"Tonight Elder White and I will be going out to dinner with the young men which will be fun, spending my last moments with them. I was telling most people yesterday that I am defiantly coming back to Lisburn, I WILL BE BACK, hahaha. I am excited to show you guys around Scotland and Ireland one day after my mission. It is going to be great, you guys are going to love it. So yeah I am moving on, going onto Scotland. I love the Scottish accent! I have heard it is hard to understand, but after a while I might get used to it. Maybe it will be like learning a new language. I'm sure it will be very different to the Northern Ireland accent. Well, I have enjoyed serving with Elder White. He is a great missionary, I love him. We have had some great times together which I will always remember. So Elder White will be training a new missionary in Lisburn. I am excited for him, he will make a great trainer."

"I am grateful for all the friends that I am making on my mission and for the fact that after my mission, I will be able to go see them and hang out with them all. I am excited for the friendships that I have made. It is wonderful. Anyways, I better go and get myself packed and enjoy the last days in Lisburn."

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