Friday, 15 February 2013

Book of Mormon Challenge

A few snippets from Elder Meyers email sent February 11th 2013:

"Well it's been a good week for me! We had splits with the assistants. They came into our area! We spent a couple of hours trying to talk with people on the street. I was feeling really confident, I was able to talk to people. So I know that I can do it! I know I can talk to people. Sometimes I feel like I can't, but I just proved to myself that I can do it, and as a result we have a couple of potentials! So hopefully something comes out of that. 

We saw the Vients again this week. We talked with them and tried to answer some more questions, along with the Restoration DVD. I love that DVD. This week we also had another splits with 2 people in our ward. I went with the ward mission leader and Elder White went with another brother.  Brother Harkness and myself didn't have much success.  But it was fun to get to know the Mission Leader more.

I have been reading the Book of Mormon during my personal study time in the morning and I love it. I feel like I understand it more. I always pray that the Holy Spirit may teach me something and its been going well. I am reading 1 Nephi 20. I read some of this chapter this morning but I had to go back and read it again to compare Isaiah. But I love reading the Book of Mormon! It's good. Also I love that you mentioned on the voice recording that some of the family are reading it too, start to finish. That makes me happy! Keep going, you can all do it. I would love to hear from anyone if they would like to share what they have learnt with me. This is my challenge to you all. Read it and love it."

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