Thursday, 20 December 2012

Baptism in Lisburn.

This is a snippet of Elder Meyers email from before Christmas on December 18th 2012.

"My week went well, we had an all Ireland conference and Elder Kearon, a general authority, was there. He spoke to us. It was really good, I enjoyed it. I was lucky enough to get a hug from him also which was cool, I can now say that I have hugged a general authority."

Ireland Zone Missionaries with Elder Kearon, the Mission President and his wife.

"We also had the baptism of Alannah Vient. She is the niece of a member in our ward.  It was such a good experience for her, her family and us as missionaries. There were a lot of people, family and friends, there who are not members, so that was great to see. The spirit filled the room and I know Alannah was able to feel it too."

Elder Meyer and Elder O'Rourke with Alannah and her uncle.

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