Monday, 1 October 2012

Transfers are coming!

We are still receiving emails from Elder Meyer each week. Some a little more personal than others. But I wanted to write this short post to let you all know he is going great. It is now the 11th week out on the mission field. So with transfers coming up really fast, we are eager to learn where Elder Meyer will be for the next month or so. Will he stay in his first area of Lisburn? Will he venture elsewhere in Ireland, or even Scotland? Will he get a new companion? Or will he stay with Elder Edmiston? We are all very excited but anxious at the same time. What new challenges and experiences will Elder Meyer encounter on the next phase of his mission? As you hopefully heard in his voice recording, he loves his companion, Elder Edmiston. They have become like brothers, and the best of friends. We are praying that the next transfer will be just the same. Another new best friend, in a new and exciting area! And I'm sure it will be. Watch this space for information on transfers, coming next week.

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  1. Success ! We got to hear the recording . Thanks Rachel.xx