Monday, 15 October 2012

A "Wee" Report on the Lisburn Elders.

Here, is a copy of an email that was sent to the Mission President from one of the senior missionary couples who work over in Ireland.

President Brown,

We thought you might appreciate a wee report on the Lisburn elders as it is all good.

I am assigned as the high councillor to the Lisburn Ward. This morning I attended their ward council meeting. It was a good meeting and the elders came in and gave a short report on their progress record. Elder O’Rourke had Elder Meyer give the report and was probably the first time he has ever given the report himself. He was scared out of his wits, but he just kept plugging away and in the end it was a good report. For him, it was an excellent exercise in being stretched past where he perhaps thought he could go.

Tonight, Sister Blickenstaff and I attended their ward’s musical fireside about the Book of Mormon. Elder O’Rourke and Elder Meyer each sang a solo! I know that Elder Meyer has never done anything remotely close to that in his life. He was brilliant. We were so proud of him. We know he was scared, but he did not show it and it did not come across in his voice. He was fabulous.

Elder O’Rourke has a beautiful voice and he sang like a champion, especially on three days notice because of the transfer.

We talked to them for a few minutes after the fireside and they were on their way home to break their fast.

We just wanted you to know those are two obedient and faithful elders and we love them.

Elder & Sister Blickenstaff

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