Monday, 11 March 2013

New Companion, Elder O'Bagy

So I made it. I am here in Dundee, Scotland. I am serving in a ward called Liff with my new companion Elder O'Bagy. I travelled over with some other missionaries. We caught the ferry over, which was good. I have been feeling pretty nervous lately. I am trying to get used to this new area and my new companion, which seems like a lot at once. It's like a double wammie. Kind of like when I first arrived in Ireland from the MTC. The past couple of days have been hard. I miss Lisburn and everyone there! But I am sure everything with work out and settle down soon.

My companion Elder O'Bagy seems nice. He is very talkative, funny, and loud. Which I will need to get used to because then there is me who is the quiet and shy person. Elder O'Bagy has 4 months left on his mission so he goes home in June! So far, I think the members are great here in Liff Ward. They seem really nice. I am excited to get to know them. And I do love the Scottish accent!! It is so cool.

So in my new area, I have already participated in a confirmation, where someone just got baptised right before I moved into the area. We took the sacrament to a member in the hospital, where we then came back later to give the lady a blessing. It was a great experience!

Here is a picture of Elder O'Bagy and I, just being us. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. My son has now been moved up to Derry, Northern Ireland. It is good to see your son make many positive comments about that area and how he will miss it. That is good to read. Hope he has a excellent time in his new area in Scotland. I hope Eric will get back to Scotland to finish out his mission.