Sunday, 29 July 2012

First Week in the Mission Field.

Here are snippets from the email sent Monday 23rd July.

Ah by the end of the MTC people found out that I can dance, and they wanted me to dance, the rumour ended up getting out haha. even the teachers of the mtc found out as well. haha so yeah the MTC was really fun.

So we left the MTC on Wednesday 18th July last Wednesday, and we travelled by bus/coach, and all of us that went to scotland were there altogether I think there was about 19 of us that came to the scoland/ireland mission, it was quite a lot.

We went straight to climb this hill called Pratt's Hill, and it was crazy as the weather was not something I was use to it was raining, and windy, and I ended up getting drenched. the weather was crazy, but it was a great experience. It is a tradition in the scotland/Ireland mission at the start of your mission and at the end of your mission to climb up Pratt's hill and pray to heavenly father and make a promise.

I also found out my new companion, his name is Elder Edmiston, he is a really good person, I like him, he has been out on his mission for 10 months. He said that it has flown by so fast, so I guess it will go fast, but at the moment it seems like a long way away, as I only just got here. haha it will go fast, actually I have almost been out a month that has gone quick, I think it would be a month from this thursday, so yeah, I said to my companion a month down, and he was like 23 to go haha. My first area is Lisburn, in Ireland, it is really nice here I like it here, today is my first P-day in the mission field, I am so excited as well, as I am able to get longer than 30mins to email. I am also a part of the Belfast Mission Zone.

I went to church yesterday it was really good, the people seem really nice and I am excited to get to know them more, we have had a couple of lessons with less actives and members, we had lunch at one of the members homes yesterday, and we have been trying to find people and doing tracting but it's been hard no one wants to hear the message that we have, it's hard.

I am really grateful that you are my family and that I will be able to live with all of you forever and ever for eternity, I love that about the gospel.

Anyways it's been a long email hope you enjoy reading it, I am lucky I get more time now, but I better go, hopefully everyone is well, and I love you all and miss you guys. have fun all the time, keep praying for me thanks for all the prayers, I am so grateful for them all. Take care, love you Bye.

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